My personal top 3 @LaunchFestival 2015 moments

Coordinating and directing all the audio visual elements for Launch Festival was a fun challenge. Fun in the sense that I was able to push the boundaries of what I feel comfortable with technically.  My hands were not on all the physical cameras this time around. I had to help keep a lot of plates spinning all at once.  Two stages with three full days of content, 3 video content teams, 1 photo content team, and myself all working together to both provide value to the 12k in attendance, the folks watching the live stream, and the hundreds of thousands who will watch this content as This Week In Startups content.

1. 'Future of' Segments

Super Podiums...need I say more? I'm really happy we were able to pull off this idea. "What if we built custom podiums with giant monitors mounted on the front?" -@Jason

Yeah okay, lets do it. 

2. Yancey Strickler, cofounder of Kickstarter

It was very fulfilling to open Launch Festival with this interview.  This is where the rubber met the road for a lot of our prep work.

3. Pitch Sessions

Launch Festival offers many different live technical challenges. Perhaps the most stressful are the pitch sessions.  You have founders taking the stage, launching a new product for the first time to a panel of judges.  This year we designed the stage with the understanding that 80% of the companies pitching would have mobile phone applications.  The other 20% was a mixture of slide decks and actual hardware products.  

2016 Launch Festival will be bigger, it will offer new challenges as we continue to improve the experience for the audience both live and across the world.  

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How I find films worth watching.

The sea of content is growing by the day.  Another tech company announces it will be producing original content what seems like every week now.  Netflix, Yahoo, Amazon, and YouTube are the companies getting the most press for this.  Let us not forget about the more traditional streams in which we can consume content.  The major television networks seem to be slowly integrating new creation models in order to stay relevant as the current changes.  Oh yeah, remember movie theaters? Apparently, studios are still releasing movies into those as well.

Okay, so a lot of content is being created. From web series to feature length big budget. There is a lot to choose from out there.  Keeping things positive, my opinion is that there is more exceptional content then one person could even hope to consume.  Yes, there is still a ton of bullshit out there. The internet gives voice - If its bullshit, you should be able to learn of it way before you even give it a chance.  

I'm blessed with having some film nerd friends who are very vocal when a fantastic movie is in theaters and worth the price of admission.  If you have friends with horrible are three of my tricks to finding movies, television, and web content worth my time.

Vimeo Staff Picks

This is a great place to find new videos and content creators.  Sometimes I'll find myself checking this spot daily just to see the few videos they have posted for the day. Vimeo's staff "gets it" in terms of esthetics and style.

Indiewire Blog - The Playlist -

Maybe a little nerdariffic for the normal content consumer.  This a great place and I appreciate the viewpoint.

Twitter -

Use your twitter feed! Follow people with viewpoints and taste that seem to be in line with your own.  It is my most valued source for information.  Even more detailed, I build my feed around internets.  Its insane how many links people post to content they want you to see.


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Cameo App Review

Very recently I set to out to learn more about the newer filmmaking apps popping up in the App store.  One that has caught my attention is the app Cameo.  I think there is something really cool about a social site with a similar UI as Instagram BUT just for video.  Also I enjoy that this app and others like it put an emphasis on story structure.  As a director myself I think this a great way to practice my craft and hone my skills.

Another similar app is Directr - Its a well built app and easy to use.  I would say this app does a more thorough job of providing a framework for creation.  Something about the sex appeal of Cameo has me more interested.  If you have not checked these out yet I encourage you to download them. AND don't forget to follow me on both: @jacobbeemer

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